Fully Modded BMW 335i

We had the pleasure of working on this brand new BMW 335i that’s already been fully modded before we got our hands on it. We fit some TSW Nurburgring Wheels in 19″ fitment to match the high performance nature of this vehicle. These wheels weigh in at a scant 18lbs front and rear and are the perfect addition to any street or track driven vehicle looking for improved acceleration, braking and cornering.

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19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-1 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-2 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-3 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-4 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-5 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-6


New Porsche Carrera S – Lightweight Wheels

Here are some pictures of the new Porsche Carrera S. This is one sweet car, made even sweeter with the set of 19″ TSW Nurburgring Wheels in gunmetal. These wheels weigh less than 22Lbs a piece which translates into gains in acceleration, cornering, and braking. If you didn’t know, removing 1 pound from the wheel and tire of a vehicle is equal to removing 10Lbs of static weight from the car. So huge gains can be had from going with a lightweight wheel such as the TSW Nurburgring.