Classy Exterior Upgrade For Tesla Model S

Here are some pictures from a new Telsa Model S we did with some 20″ Ace Aspire wheels finished in the vibrant silver finish. We think these wheels go perfectly with the trim pieces and grille of the Tesla. The owner opted for 20″ fitment over the 22″ fitment because he wanted to maintain the cushy Tesla ride quality.

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Tesla Bonanza!

A Few days ago we had two Tesla Model S come into the shop looking for wheels. The first white Model S decided he wanted to go with the Niche Concourse in silver. When the other Telsa Model S owner rolled through he saw the Concourses and decided he wanted those wheels as well in 22″, except he wanted the gloss black finish. Check out the pics below!

Gloss Black Niche Concourse 22″

Gorgeous Telsa Model S

Some more great pictures from our bros over at Avant Garde Wheels. This time it’s the loudest car on the market that subsequently doesn’t make and noise or exhaust pollution. – The Telsa Model S. This one has been fitted with AG M310 Wheels, front 22×9 and rear 22×10.5, classic silver.

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New Tesla Model S & Ace Wheels

Ace Wheels got their hands on a brand new Tesla Model S and what did they do? Fit some slick wheels to it! Below are some pictures of the Model S fitted with some 22″ Ace Mesh 7 in gunmetal.