Audios S5!


Definitely not something you see everyday, but the theme the owner is going for with “audios” looks great in our opinion. To start the look the owner began with an Audi S5 and added 20″ Savini BM10 wheels. After the shoes were added to accentuate them a little more the vehicle was lowered on KW Variant 3 coilovers. Other accessories such as a matte black grille and an aftermarket exhaust system were later added to further progress upon the modded look. In the end we can see this Audi S5 turned out great!Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-5 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-1 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-2 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-3 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-4


Machined Silver BM10s

This week we setup a Mercedes CL550 4Matic with a set of 22″ Savini BM10s! What do you think of these rims?Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-Mercedes-CL550-AMG-5 Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-Mercedes-CL550-AMG-1 Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-Mercedes-CL550-AMG-2 Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-Mercedes-CL550-AMG-3 Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-Mercedes-CL550-AMG-4

New 2014 Mercedes E550 Bi-Turbo!

Last week we had the opportunity to fit some Savini BM10 wheels in the vibrant machined black finish on the new 2014 E550. The new E550 is the “facelifted” model featuring elegant new lighting and body styling cues. Enthusiasts might also be shocked to find out this E550 is sporting a 4.6L Twin Turbo V8 under the hood – so you know it moves out when you mash the pedal.

The wheels are 19×8.5 front and 19×10 rear.

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Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-1 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-2 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-3 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-4 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-5 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-6

NEW Aston Virage + Savini Wheels

The brand new Aston Martin Virage is already one sweet car, but once we got our hands on it we made it look even better with a set of 22″ Savini BM10 wheels in the sleek machined black finish. Wheel specs are 22×9 front and 22×10.5 out back.

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Aston-Martin-Virage-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Machined-Black-1 Aston-Martin-Virage-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Machined-Black-2 Aston-Martin-Virage-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Machined-Black-3 Aston-Martin-Virage-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Machined-Black-4