Porsche Cayman Sporting Some Ruger Mesh

Here’s one of the latest cars we set up over at the Nitrous Garage. This time we fitted a brand new 2014 Porsche Cayman with a set of 20″ Ruger Mesh Wheels in matte black wrapped in Continental DWS Tires.

We think these rims look perfect on this white beauty. Looking for the right set of shoes for your new Porsche or Cayman? Let us set your ride up right, our professional staff have extensive experience with all Porsche models! (909) 869-5681


Porsche Cayenne S + Gloss White Rims

Today we had a 2013 Porsche Cayenne S come in to get some wheels installed that we custom finished for the owner. We took the Roderick RW5 wheels and powdercoated them gloss white, then we machined the face to give a nice contrast against the white paint. The results can be seen below!


As always if you are looking for wheels for your Porsche cayenne or wheels for other Porsches check out www.nitrousgarage.com!

Fresh n’ Clean Carrera 4S

We just got finished with this gorgeous brand new Carrera 4S. This vehicle had less than 200 miles on it when it came by the shop to get some 20″ Rennen Forged RL-M6 Wheels installed. 20×8.5 Front, 20×12 rear! The customer wanted a polished finish so we got him just that, and finished them off with a clear coat to protect the finish as polished wheels will tarnish over time without a clearcoat.

Trust Nitrousgarage as your go-to place when you need the perfect wheels for your ride! (909) 869-5681.

Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-2 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-3 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-4 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-5 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-6


2014 Panamera, 22″ Ace Eminence

We had a customer last week come in looking for wheels for his brand new 2014 Porsche Panamara4. He decided upon the Ace Eminence Wheels in a machined black finish. When we put these wheels on the vehicle it only had 204 miles! He didn’t waste any time switching out the stock wheels for these beautiful upgraded aftermarket alloys!

Find wheels for your Porsche or Porsche Panamera today at www.Nitrousgarage.com

911 Turbo S

Just did some work on a Porsche Carrera Turbo S. This car is rather unique in that it has upgraded turbos, full exhaust and other supporting mods allowing for a power output in the range of 700hp.

Visually this Porsche Turbo isn’t stock either. It has DPE 3 piece wheels, Carbon Fiber front lip, carbon fiber rear spoiler and other misc. interior carbon pieces.

Need help putting wheels on your Porsche? Give us a call we’ve seen and done it all!

Porsche-997-Turbo-S-1 Porsche-997-Turbo-S-2 Porsche-997-Turbo-S-3

New Porsche Carrera S – Lightweight Wheels

Here are some pictures of the new Porsche Carrera S. This is one sweet car, made even sweeter with the set of 19″ TSW Nurburgring Wheels in gunmetal. These wheels weigh less than 22Lbs a piece which translates into gains in acceleration, cornering, and braking. If you didn’t know, removing 1 pound from the wheel and tire of a vehicle is equal to removing 10Lbs of static weight from the car. So huge gains can be had from going with a lightweight wheel such as the TSW Nurburgring.

Another Black on Black Creation From Icon

Here is another car we set up for Icon Motoring. This time it’s a Porsche Panamera 4 that has been fitted with some 22″ Koko Kuture Lindos Wheels. The wheels are finished in matte black centers and accented with gloss black lips. ┬áThese Porsche rims set the appearance off just right and are not overly flashy.

Looking to put a set of custom finished wheels on your Porsche? Contact one of our sales experts at (909) 869-5681.

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