Volvo C30 Feature Ace Convex

Here’s something you don’t see everyday from us, a nice looking Volvo C30 that we fit a set of 18″ Ace Convex Wheels in the vibrant titanium finish. Check out the pictures below, and let us know what you think.

Volvo-C30-Ace-Titanium-Convex-Wheels-1 Volvo-C30-Ace-Titanium-Convex-Wheels-2 Volvo-C30-Ace-Titanium-Convex-Wheels-3 Volvo-C30-Ace-Titanium-Convex-Wheels-4 Volvo-C30-Ace-Titanium-Convex-Wheels-5


Checkout These Nice Detailed Shots From AG

The first wheel that is shown is the Avant Garde 3pc F120 Forged wheel and it features 24k gold hardware, and a matte brushed finish. We can’t wait to see this wheel installed!1523378_810995308916116_735158636_o

Second, here is the Avant Garde M590 wheels in a brushed stainless finish. These wheels are part of AG’s Bespoke program which allows you to choose the perfect fitment, and finish without over-extending your budget!Avant-Garde-M590-Brushed-Stainless-Wheels-Finish-1

BMW Z4 + 20″ Gianelle Yerevans

Yesterday we fitted some low offset 20″ Gianelle Yerevans on the new body style BMW Z4. Front 20×8.5, rear 20×10, elegant silver finish to match the clean body lines of this roadster. What do you think?

20-Gianelle-Yerevan-Silver-BMW-Z4-E89-1 20-Gianelle-Yerevan-Silver-BMW-Z4-E89-2 20-Gianelle-Yerevan-Silver-BMW-Z4-E89-3