All New BMW F32 428i!

Fresh out the shop this week we have the all-new BMW 428i coupe featuring the N20 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo engine and an 8 speed automatic transmission. These new F32 Coupes are full of technology, for example this specimen even has a heads up display!

The wheels are Stance SC6 in matte black in 20″ fitment. 20×9 up front and out back a 20×10.5 for maximum concavity and visual appearance.

Want some wheels for your 428i or BMW? Call us up: (909) 869-5681

stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-3 stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-1 stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-2


Murdered Out Rover

Hot off the press we have this brand new 2014 Range Rover Sport! The owner wanted to maintain that murdered out look for his rover so we set him up with a set of Ace Alloy Wheels Mesh 7 in Gloss Black. This gloss black finish is our exclusive finish! 22×10.5 all around, nice and wide to give the rover a sick stance.

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Range-Rover-Sport-Ace-Mesh-7-Gloss-Black-Wheels-1 Range-Rover-Sport-Ace-Mesh-7-Gloss-Black-Wheels-2 Range-Rover-Sport-Ace-Mesh-7-Gloss-Black-Wheels-3

New 2014 Mercedes E550 Bi-Turbo!

Last week we had the opportunity to fit some Savini BM10 wheels in the vibrant machined black finish on the new 2014 E550. The new E550 is the “facelifted” model featuring elegant new lighting and body styling cues. Enthusiasts might also be shocked to find out this E550 is sporting a 4.6L Twin Turbo V8 under the hood – so you know it moves out when you mash the pedal.

The wheels are 19×8.5 front and 19×10 rear.

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Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-1 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-2 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-3 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-4 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-5 Savini-BM10-Mercedes-W212-E550-Machined-Black-Wheels-6

Groundforce GF6, sick custom copper finish

We just got these shots of the new Groundforce GF6 wheels. Here you can see the BMW E92 335i fitted with a set of the GF6 in custom copper plated finish. This finish looks sick in all lighting conditions! give our wheel reps a shout if you want to put the Groundforce GF6 alloy wheels on your car. Remember we can custom powdercoat to any color – even this color!

BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-1 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-2 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-3 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-4 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-5 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-6 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-7 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-8

Dodge Durango Sitting on Savini BM10s!

We had this new 2014 Dodge Durango in the shop last week. First I wanted to say Dodge has really stepped their game up with their new vechicles. This trunk felt like a Mercedes GL inside as it was super luxurious and had a bunch of neat features. To match this recently upgrade luxurious style we fitted some 22″ Savini BM10 wheels in Matte Black. 22×10 all around. Check out the pictures below!

Savini-BM10-Wheels-Dodge-Durango-Matte-Black-3 Savini-BM10-Wheels-Dodge-Durango-Matte-Black-2 Savini-BM10-Wheels-Dodge-Durango-Matte-Black-1

Customer Review From MBworld

We just got pictures and a review back from one of our customers on the MBworld forum, check them out below

Avant Garde M590 19″
Silver Finish
235/35/19 all around

Nitrous Garage – provided the wheels, tires, and TPMS. Eric over at Nitrous Garage was extremely helpful throughout the entire wheel/tire selection process. Pretty sure I started out with 20 different wheels I was interested in. Eric helped me get to the right decision and look I was going for here and I can’t thank him enough! Wheels, tires, TPMS (installed and VIN matched), mounted, balanced, and shipped to my door with all new lugs for all wheels — no one came remotely close to the total package price that Nitrous Garage provided here. Highly recommend you give these guys a look if you are in the market for new wheels or tires (or both!).

Read more here

Mercedes-C300-Avant-Garde-M590-Wheels-Silver-1 Mercedes-C300-Avant-Garde-M590-Wheels-Silver-2


Titanium Savini BM7s on the BMW 750i

Here’s another cool setup we did this week, the Savini BM7 Wheels in the nice Titanium Gunmetal finish on a new body BMW 750i. Front 22×9 and rear 22×10.5

Let us help you find the perfect set of BMW wheels for your 7 series or other BMW today! (909) 869-5681

savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-1 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-3 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-4 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-6 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-7 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-8