New Range Rover Looking Snazzy

We got these pictures from the boys over at Ace Wheels of the recently released Ace Aspire on the new Range Rover fullsize. The wheels are the 20″ fitment in gunmetal which goes perfectly with the body color and body lines of this new rover.

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Boss S550!

Another new S class rolled through the shop this week and we chose to fit some 22″ ace Aspire wheels on it. 22×9 front, 22×10.5 in the rear, and this fitment and vibrant silver finish looks right at home on this car!

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Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday!

We just got these pictures from Niche Road Wheels of the T70 Stuttgart in high luster brushed finish on the gorgeous Lotus Evora. We’re not sure whether we like the T70 wheels more, or the orange paint of the car, either way it’s a beautiful setup!

Front: 19×8.5 235/35/19
Rear: 19×10 275/35/19

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Lotus-Evora-Niche-Road-Wheels-Stüttgart-T70-Polished-1 Lotus-Evora-Niche-Road-Wheels-Stüttgart-T70-Polished-2 Lotus-Evora-Niche-Road-Wheels-Stüttgart-T70-Polished-3 Lotus-Evora-Niche-Road-Wheels-Stüttgart-T70-Polished-4

Classy Exterior Upgrade For Tesla Model S

Here are some pictures from a new Telsa Model S we did with some 20″ Ace Aspire wheels finished in the vibrant silver finish. We think these wheels go perfectly with the trim pieces and grille of the Tesla. The owner opted for 20″ fitment over the 22″ fitment because he wanted to maintain the cushy Tesla ride quality.

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Mercedes G55 AMG Looking BOSS!



Today we bring you a Mercedes G55 with Road Force RF10 Wheels in machined black. These wheels were just what this G wagon needed to take it from stock to moddified, without too much of a hassle. We fitted 22×10.5s all around for optimal fitment.

What you think?Road-Force-10-Wheels-Mercedes-G55-AMG-1Road-Force-10-Wheels-Mercedes-G55-AMG-2Road-Force-10-Wheels-Mercedes-G55-AMG-3Road-Force-10-Wheels-Mercedes-G55-AMG-4

New 435i Fitted w/ Stance Wheels

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to work on one of BMW’s newest creations, the BMW 435i M-Sport. While we arn’t too found of BMW changing the iconic 3 series coupe to the “4 Series” we can get behind the styling of this new model. As vehicles get bigger and bigger as time progresses, the latest generation of the 3/4 series is no exception. 20″ wheels now fit great, as to where before you had to run such a small tire that it made it cumbersome and uncomfortable. Up front this 435i is running a 20×9 and out back a 20×10.5 with no fender work required. Checkout some pictures below!

Porsche Cayenne S + Gloss White Rims

Today we had a 2013 Porsche Cayenne S come in to get some wheels installed that we custom finished for the owner. We took the Roderick RW5 wheels and powdercoated them gloss white, then we machined the face to give a nice contrast against the white paint. The results can be seen below!


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