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Although it is still blistering hot here in Southern California, winter for many is only a couple months away. Don’t get stuck driving on your nice wheels – pickup a set of quality, used BMW factory wheels to roll around on during winter! Checkout our current selection of factory used BMW wheels below:

Even if you’re not looking for winter wheels these wheels make a great visual upgrade for those that like the look of the factory wheels but want to go a little bigger. Additionally these used BMW OEM wheels are ideal for lease returns as well!

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All New BMW F32 428i!

Fresh out the shop this week we have the all-new BMW 428i coupe featuring the N20 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo engine and an 8 speed automatic transmission. These new F32 Coupes are full of technology, for example this specimen even has a heads up display!

The wheels are Stance SC6 in matte black in 20″ fitment. 20×9 up front and out back a 20×10.5 for maximum concavity and visual appearance.

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stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-3 stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-1 stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-2

Groundforce GF6, sick custom copper finish

We just got these shots of the new Groundforce GF6 wheels. Here you can see the BMW E92 335i fitted with a set of the GF6 in custom copper plated finish. This finish looks sick in all lighting conditions! give our wheel reps a shout if you want to put the Groundforce GF6 alloy wheels on your car. Remember we can custom powdercoat to any color – even this color!

BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-1 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-2 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-3 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-4 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-5 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-6 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-7 BMW-E92-335i-Groundforce-GF6-Copper-Plated-Wheels-8

Titanium Savini BM7s on the BMW 750i

Here’s another cool setup we did this week, the Savini BM7 Wheels in the nice Titanium Gunmetal finish on a new body BMW 750i. Front 22×9 and rear 22×10.5

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savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-1 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-3 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-4 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-6 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-7 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-8

Fully Modded BMW 335i

We had the pleasure of working on this brand new BMW 335i that’s already been fully modded before we got our hands on it. We fit some TSW Nurburgring Wheels in 19″ fitment to match the high performance nature of this vehicle. These wheels weigh in at a scant 18lbs front and rear and are the perfect addition to any street or track driven vehicle looking for improved acceleration, braking and cornering.

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19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-1 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-2 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-3 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-4 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-5 19-TSW-Nurburgring-Gunmetal-Wheels-BMW-F30-335i-6


Here’s a BMW X5 we set up with some 22″ Niche Targa wheels. Wheels have the machined black finish with tinted spoke which goes perfectly with this color X5!

Looking for some new shoes for your BMW? Let our sales team find the perfect set for your car, or SUV! (909) 869-5681.

Niche Vicenza+BMW 528i

We had this uniquely colored 5 series come in the other day for some Niche Vicenza Wheels. We fitted it with the Vicenza in machined black finish with dark tint and it definitely “pops” perfectly with this color 528i!. Front 20×9 and rear 20×10.5, tire specs are 245/35/20 up front and rear 285/30/20 out back. What do you think?niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-1 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-2 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-3 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-4 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-5