Titanium Savini BM7s on the BMW 750i

Here’s another cool setup we did this week, the Savini BM7 Wheels in the nice Titanium Gunmetal finish on a new body BMW 750i. Front 22×9 and rear 22×10.5

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savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-1 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-3 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-4 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-6 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-7 savini-bm7-wheels-bmw-750i-8



Here’s a BMW X5 we set up with some 22″ Niche Targa wheels. Wheels have the machined black finish with tinted spoke which goes perfectly with this color X5!

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Niche Vicenza+BMW 528i

We had this uniquely colored 5 series come in the other day for some Niche Vicenza Wheels. We fitted it with the Vicenza in machined black finish with dark tint and it definitely “pops” perfectly with this color 528i!. Front 20×9 and rear 20×10.5, tire specs are 245/35/20 up front and rear 285/30/20 out back. What do you think?niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-1 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-2 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-3 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-4 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-5

Brand New BMW 435i M-Sport!

Just got some sweet pictures from the guys over at Stance Wheels of the brand new BMW F32 435i M-Sport package sitting on their 20″ Stance SC-6 Wheels

Silver Machined Finish

Front:20×9          Tire Size: 245/30/20
Rear: 20×10.5    Tire Size: 285/25/20

Check Nitrousgarage.com for more pictures of wheels for new model BMWs!

BMW Z4 + 20″ Gianelle Yerevans

Yesterday we fitted some low offset 20″ Gianelle Yerevans on the new body style BMW Z4. Front 20×8.5, rear 20×10, elegant silver finish to match the clean body lines of this roadster. What do you think?

20-Gianelle-Yerevan-Silver-BMW-Z4-E89-1 20-Gianelle-Yerevan-Silver-BMW-Z4-E89-2 20-Gianelle-Yerevan-Silver-BMW-Z4-E89-3


Hey ya’ll –

Just got some new pictures of the Avant Garde M590 on the new BMW 3 Series. What’s special about these wheels you ask? Lots of things!! Typically if you wanted a custom fit or finish for your wheels you had to opt for a 2 or 3 piece wheel, and as many of you know those wheels can range in the price range of thousands of dollars. Well the M590 has changed that game. This wheel is available in custom sizes, custom offsets, and custom finishes allowing you to choose exactly what you want!

To top it off these wheels feature a lightweight design perfect for all imports and high end cars! Trust NitrousGarage with all your Avant Garde Wheel Needs. Visit our gallery to check out vehicles just like yours with wheels installed on them!

NEW M590 Wheels on BMW 335i

Just got these pictures of the new Avant Garde M590 Wheels installed on a fully modded BMW 335i. I’m not sure what I like more, the wheels, or this overall color scheme that’s going on. It’s definitely different but that’s what modding your car is all about!

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