Niche Vicenza+BMW 528i

We had this uniquely colored 5 series come in the other day for some Niche Vicenza Wheels. We fitted it with the Vicenza in machined black finish with dark tint and it definitely “pops” perfectly with this color 528i!. Front 20×9 and rear 20×10.5, tire specs are 245/35/20 up front and rear 285/30/20 out back. What do you think?niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-1 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-2 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-3 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-4 niche-vicenza-wheels-black-machined-bmw-f10-528i-5


Road Force RF-5s

We recently built a set of Road Force RF-5 Wheels for our good friends and dealer Eurocar Orange County (Click to check out their current vehicles). These wheels are 20″ staggererd, meaning front 20×8.5 and rear 20×10 – Machined black finish provides a nice contrast against the alpine white paint of this BMW F10 528i.

Need to spice up the appearance of your 5 series or BMW? Who you gonna call….Nitrousgarage! (909) 869-5681.

Niche Milan BMW Wheels – BMW 5 Series

Below you will find some BMW rims, the Niche Milan in machined black with dark tint finish. Staggered 20″ fitment on this new BMW 5 Series, 20×8.5 Front, 20×10.5 out back to help put all that V8 twin turbo power to the ground! As always Nitrousgarage has you covered if the Niche Milan is the way you want to go with ¬†upgrading your ride’s wheels!

Ace Convex – New 5 Series – NitrousGarage

We just got done setting this new F10 528i up with a set of 20″ Ace Convex Wheels in the always classic silver finish.

Front: 20×8.5
Rear: 20×10

Contact us today at Nitrousgarage if you’re looking for this look for your BMW, or ¬†if you’re simply looking to update the appearance of your ride but not sure what direction to take.

Newly Released BMW F10 M5 Style Wheels!

BMW F10 M5 Style Wheels Now Available now has stock of the new F10 M5 Style Multi Spoke Wheels. These wheels are available in 19″ staggered fitments with correct offsets for most BMW applications. Pick up your set today in; Silver, Matte Black, Hyper Black, or Gunmetal.

Looking for some other wheels for your BMW? Check out our website!

Below are some pictures of the BMW F10 M5 Style Wheels we setup on a BMW E60 5 Series:

Visit our gallery to check out more pictures of these wheels and others like it!

19″ Avant Garde M355 Wheels

Below is a new BMW F10 535i we set up on a set of Avant Garde M355 Wheels.

Front: 19×9
Rear: 19×10



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