Checkout These Nice Detailed Shots From AG

The first wheel that is shown is the Avant Garde 3pc F120 Forged wheel and it features 24k gold hardware, and a matte brushed finish. We can’t wait to see this wheel installed!1523378_810995308916116_735158636_o

Second, here is the Avant Garde M590 wheels in a brushed stainless finish. These wheels are part of AG’s Bespoke program which allows you to choose the perfect fitment, and finish without over-extending your budget!Avant-Garde-M590-Brushed-Stainless-Wheels-Finish-1


Subaru STI & Avant Garde’s


Just got finished working on this Subaru STI. We set this one up with some Avant Garde M310 wheels in 18″, matte black finish.

Questions about this fitment, or fitment for your vehicle? Give us a call – (909) 869-5681.Avant-Garde-M310-Subaru-STI-Wheels-Matte-Black-1 Avant-Garde-M310-Subaru-STI-Wheels-Matte-Black-2 Avant-Garde-M310-Subaru-STI-Wheels-Matte-Black-3 Avant-Garde-M310-Subaru-STI-Wheels-Matte-Black-4 Avant-Garde-M310-Subaru-STI-Wheels-Matte-Black-5


Hey ya’ll –

Just got some new pictures of the Avant Garde M590 on the new BMW 3 Series. What’s special about these wheels you ask? Lots of things!! Typically if you wanted a custom fit or finish for your wheels you had to opt for a 2 or 3 piece wheel, and as many of you know those wheels can range in the price range of thousands of dollars. Well the M590 has changed that game. This wheel is available in custom sizes, custom offsets, and custom finishes allowing you to choose exactly what you want!

To top it off these wheels feature a lightweight design perfect for all imports and high end cars! Trust NitrousGarage with all your Avant Garde Wheel Needs. Visit our gallery to check out vehicles just like yours with wheels installed on them!

NEW M590 Wheels on BMW 335i

Just got these pictures of the new Avant Garde M590 Wheels installed on a fully modded BMW 335i. I’m not sure what I like more, the wheels, or this overall color scheme that’s going on. It’s definitely different but that’s what modding your car is all about!

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New From Avant Garde!

Hot off the presses over at Avant Garde is the M590 wheel. This is a cast wheel, but it is much different than all the rest out there. This wheel will come in 19″ standard sizes for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, etc – BUT – there will also be custom finishes and sizes available. So if you’re someone who wants to custom tailor everything specifically to your car these wheels are your go to option!

M590-Avant-Garde-Machined-Gunmetal-1Find more information about the 590 here:


Black on Black Panamera

Check out our latest creation here at Nitrousgarage. This go around it’s a brand new Porsche Panamera that we set up with 22″ Avant Garde M310 Wheels in matte black. While some people arn’t too fond of matte black wheels on a black car we think this setup works wonders for the appearance of this Panamera. Check it out:

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Gorgeous Telsa Model S

Some more great pictures from our bros over at Avant Garde Wheels. This time it’s the loudest car on the market that subsequently doesn’t make and noise or exhaust pollution. – The Telsa Model S. This one has been fitted with AG M310 Wheels, front 22×9 and rear 22×10.5, classic silver.

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