How To Select Wheels For Your Vehicle

One question we get time and time again here at Nitrousgarage is, “What wheels are best for my vehicle?” Well within that question there are a number of questions we must answer to determine the wheel style and construction that is best suited for your driving style and vehicle.

Cast Wheels
The most important question is how much you are looking to spend. If you simply want to spend the minimum while getting a new set of alloys for your BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover or Porsche then go with a wheel that is constructed using the casting method. A cast wheel is by far the most popular construction method because you get a structurally sound wheel and the most affordable price. Typically a cast wheel set up will run anywhere from $700 – $1500 depending on the size of course. At NitrousGarage cast wheels account for 75% of our sales, as most consumers opt for this route.


Rotary Forged/Flow Formed Wheels
If you are looking to spend a little more, some added benefits can be realized by opting for a flow form or rotary forged wheel. This wheel construction method has become more popular in the last couple years as more and more companies are realizing the benefits of this technology. This method uses extreme pressure to mold the alloy into the wheel design. This pressure makes the wheel more dense which allows for less overall metal to be used. This increased density provides for decreased overall wheel weight by roughly 15-20% while increasing the overall strength of the wheel.

Decreasing wheel weight is an easy way to also make your car accelerate quicker, brake and corner more efficiently as well. This is because wheel/tire and bake weight is unsprung weight that must be rotated when accelerating/braking/cornering. The rule of thumb is every 1Lb that is removed from the wheel/tire/brake equates to 10Lbs of static weight of the vehicle. So if you opted for wheels that weight 3Lbs less than your existing wheels it would be like removing 120Lbs from your vehicle (3x4x10). In vehicles that see track and road courses this can make a HUGE difference.

The best thing about a flow formed wheel is that it only costs a marginal amount more than a cast wheel, but the benefits that can be realized are huge. These wheels for bmw are becoming ever popular for the benefits the ultimate driving machine can realize.

TSW Nurburgring Wheels (Rotary Forged):

2&3 Piece Wheels
Whether you’re looking for Mercedes wheels or wheels for any other vehicle, the pinacle of the wheel game is the 2 and 3 peice wheel. These wheels utlize multi peice designs making them lightweight (as the centers are forged) and resistand to cracks and bends. These wheels are ideal for the enthusiast who wants only the best for their vehicle or someone who wants to select exactly how the wheels are going to sit in the fender well. Because of the degree of customization available on multi-piece wheels they are the most expensive. A set of these wheels typically start at around $3,000 and can go upwards of $6,000.


If you need further help selecting a specific wheel style for your vehicle or you would like to talk to a professional call us up anytime: (909) 869-5681.


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