Nitrous Garage and Ace Alloy Wheels Team Up To Hook Up DJ Skee

Nitrous Garage hooks up DJ Skee with Ace Alloy Wheels Mesh 7 Wheels


Nitrous Garage recently teamed up with Ace Alloy Wheels to hook up popular DJ and Producer DJ Skee’s Mercedes Benz S550 with Ace Mesh 7’s in our exclusive gloss black finish.

DJ Skee gets Gloss Black Ace mesh 7 Wheels From Nitrous Garage

For those that don’t know who DJ Skee is, all you need to do is tune in to your local radio station and listen to the radio. Hear that new song by Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, or Lady Gaga? That’s right, DJ Skee was one of the first people to discover their music and introduce them to the World with his YouTube channel Skee.TV. DJ Skee has over 250,000 followers on his YouTube channel alone, with more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and has a new TV show in the works with AXS to bring the music back to music television.

Gloss Black Ace Mesh 7 Wheels on Mercedes Benz  S550

When looking for new wheels for his ride, he knew he had to get the very best, just like his selection in cars, shoes, and clothes, so he reached out to Ace Alloy Wheels for their popular Mesh 7 wheels. Knowing that DJ Skee wanted the Ace Mesh 7 wheels in gloss black, he also got in contact with Nitrous Garage since the gloss black Ace Mesh 7 wheels are a finish exclusive only to Nitrous Garage. If you are interested in a set of gloss black Ace Mesh 7 wheels for your ride, please feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (909) 784-1899 today.

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Forged Wheels Coming Soon to Nitrous Garage

Lamborghini With Rennen Forged S6 Wheels


If you are looking for the ultimate aftermarket wheel upgrade, then you are definitely looking for a set of fully forged wheels. These wheels are made using a very time consuming process and state of the art technology to create a wheel that is both lighter and stronger than typical cast wheels and even rotary forged wheels. Not only are these wheels the highest in quality, but they also provide the best performance improvements as well.

Because forged wheels are very lightweight, you will see improvements in not only handling, but acceleration as well. Wheel weight falls under the category of “unsprung weight” or weight that is not supported by the suspension of the car. By decreasing the unsprung weight on your car, you are lowering the stress induced on the car’s suspension, which in turn, improves the way your car handles and reacts during cornering. Also, because the wheels are more lightweight, they are easier to spin, which aids in improving the acceleration of your car.

For those with style in mind, forged wheels also provide the most customizability since forged multi-piece wheels are easily disassembled so each section can be worked on individually. Most cast and rotary forged wheels are all one piece so it’s more difficult to achieve the look and finish you are going for. And since most forged wheels are made to order, it is also possible to change how aggressive or subtle you want your wheel to look.

Fully forged wheels are the ultimate wheel upgrade for any car, and we are happy to announce that the Nitrous Garage website will have an aftermarket forged wheels section very soon! Be sure to keep checking our site often for our new forged wheels section!

Forged Wheels Coming Soon to Nitrous Garage

Nitrous Garage – The Place for OEM BMW Wheels

Although it is still blistering hot here in Southern California, winter for many is only a couple months away. Don’t get stuck driving on your nice wheels – pickup a set of quality, used BMW factory wheels to roll around on during winter! Checkout our current selection of factory used BMW wheels below:

Even if you’re not looking for winter wheels these wheels make a great visual upgrade for those that like the look of the factory wheels but want to go a little bigger. Additionally these used BMW OEM wheels are ideal for lease returns as well!

See something you like or have questions on? Give us a call at (909) 784-1766

Custom Powdercoating Services at Our Pomona, CA Shop

Are you getting tired of the color of your new aftermarket wheels? Did your car come with chrome wheels out of the factory, but you hate chrome finishes? Are your OEM wheels looking worn out and old? These are all great reasons to freshen up your wheels with our custom powdercoating services at our Pomona, CA location. Why spend more money on new wheels when you can get a new vibe with a fresh new powdercoat. Powdercoating is a process similar to paint, but powdercoating your wheels is a lot more durable than regular paint. Paint will always be susceptible to chipping and flaking with age because it’s just sprayed on. Powdercoating is a whole new new process where the finish is cured under high temperatures to ensure the coating stays on for a very long time. Call us today to get more information at (909) 784-1899.

Powdercoating is perfect if you have wheels that have curb rashes and you want to make them look like new again. Since we have to prepare your wheels for the Powdercoating process, your wheels will get sanded down, which will get rid of all those nasty looking curb rashes. Then with the powdercoating process, your wheels will look exactly like they did from the showroom floor! We know there are tons of DIY paint touch up kits for wheels, but at the end of the day, you’ll be spending almost the same amount of money and time for a very sub-par job. Do it right the first time and let the professionals take care of it with our custom powdercoating services.

Did you spend thousands of dollars a year or 2 ago on a nice set of aftermarket wheels and now you’re getting that itch to modify your car again? Don’t spend more money! Powdercoating your wheels costs a FRACTION of new wheels and you’ll have something custom suited to your liking. Check out the pictures below of one of our team member’s 2009 BMW 335i. His wheels started off Matte Black, then changed to Neon Yellow, and now powdercoated to a metallic “Laker’s” purple, all at fraction of the cost of the retail price of his wheels! Call us now for more information at (909) 784-1899 for powdercoating in Pomona, CA.

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All New BMW F32 428i!

Fresh out the shop this week we have the all-new BMW 428i coupe featuring the N20 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo engine and an 8 speed automatic transmission. These new F32 Coupes are full of technology, for example this specimen even has a heads up display!

The wheels are Stance SC6 in matte black in 20″ fitment. 20×9 up front and out back a 20×10.5 for maximum concavity and visual appearance.

Want some wheels for your 428i or BMW? Call us up: (909) 869-5681

stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-3 stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-1 stance-sc6-wheels-slate-grey-bmw-f32-428i-white-2

Got Bent or Damaged Wheels?


Are the wheels on your vehicle bent, have curb damage, or cracked? Quit rolling around on a hazard and come by Nitrous Garage in Pomona, LA county to get your wheels fixed. Our techs will remove the wheels from your car and check them for all types of damage. Whether it be a crack or bend they can revive them to like-new condition in only a few hours. Don’t spend thousands on a new set of wheels when we can get your set of alloys looking like new! Apart from fixing your wheels we can refinish them any color you would like and fix and curb rash that they may have!

We are located by the intersection of the 57 and 60 freeways in Pomona. We are close in distant to LA and orange county. Call us today and get an appointment setup for your wheel repair: (909) 869-5681.


Seen below is one of our expert technicians working on a set of factory Lamborghini Diablo wheels. If our techs can fix lambo wheels you bet they can fix whichever ailments your wheels have.nitrous-garage-wheel-repair

New 009 on Porsche Turbo

The new Porsche 911 Turbo is already one amazingly-fast machine. We improved upon the overall sport parameters of its’ exterior appearance by upgrading the wheels with a set of Road Force 009 Wheels. These wheels feature an elegant silver finish to compliment the white paint and have been fitted in 19×8.5 up front and 19×11 out back.

Click here to view Wheels for your PorscheRoad-Force-009-Wheels-Silver-Porsche-991-Turbo-3 Road-Force-009-Wheels-Silver-Porsche-991-Turbo-1 Road-Force-009-Wheels-Silver-Porsche-991-Turbo-2