About Us

Service, Respect, Value. Founded upon these beliefs in 2002, the once small location behind a used car lot has expanded to what today is a 10,000 sq/ft wheel and tire facility. Along the way with the addition of key new team members, and the most advanced machinery, we have been able to consistently expand our excellent reputation. Customers have long known Nitrous Garage as their source for aftermarket wheels and replacement tires at a great price. With the financial slowdown, Nitrous Garage answered the demand of retail customers requiring other wheel related services by repairing and reconditioning OEM and aftermarket wheels. All without laying off a single employee.

Over the next 10 years, a natural progression of additional services became part of Nitrous Garage’s offerings: wheel repairs, replacement tires new and used, wheel chroming, and powder coating. Nitrous Garage’s process of installing wheels remotely at any location within southern California tagged us as the go-to place for installs done right. In 2011, we surpassed the “3000” mark on eBay to represent one of the highest number of used wheels and tire packages sold on Ebay in the USA. Nitrous Garage has been a premiere eBay seller for 10 years running.

Today, Nitrous Garage maintains an inventory of new and used tires, wheels (aftermarket and OEM) and available aftermarket accessories to provide for the quickest shipping and installation times. We have invested in the Hunter Road Force line of professional wheel balancers, and touch-less wheel mounting machines to ensure damage free installations. We pride ourselves on having the most up to date machinery to handle any customer’s request. Be confident in choosing Nitrous Garage to assist you with your wheel and tire needs. Call us today – (909) 869-5681.

Visit us at: www.nitrousgarage.com


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