New Year, New Wheels! Who’s Ready for 2015?


With the new year a few days away, many wheel manufacturers are revealing their new wheels for 2015. Above is a few examples of what’s in store for the new year, and what’s great is that they’ll be ready to go by January 2015. Did you just get some cash from the Holidays? New car as a gift? Big Christmas bonus from work? All perfect reasons to take a look at the new wheels releasing next year. With new aftermarket wheels from Ace Alloy Wheels, Savini Wheels, Niche Road Wheels, and many more, we have more than a fair selection of new wheels to choose from.

Keep checking back on our website¬†for a more up to date inventory of what we have. We will be constantly adding new wheels to our website as we get them from the manufacturers so you can see what new wheels are releasing soon. If you can’t wait and want to be one of the first people in the World to get one of the new wheels releasing, you can always give us a call at (909) 784-1899 to preorder a set today so you can be sure to get the wheels the second we get them in our warehouse.

ace-devotion-wheel-cadillac-ctsvCadillac CTS-V on The New Ace Alloy Devotion Wheels


Audi A7 On The New Niche Citrine Wheels


BMW 435i On The New Avant Garde M540 Wheels


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