Nitrous Garage and Ace Alloy Wheels Team Up To Hook Up DJ Skee

Nitrous Garage hooks up DJ Skee with Ace Alloy Wheels Mesh 7 Wheels


Nitrous Garage recently teamed up with Ace Alloy Wheels to hook up popular DJ and Producer DJ Skee’s Mercedes Benz S550 with Ace Mesh 7’s in our exclusive gloss black finish.

DJ Skee gets Gloss Black Ace mesh 7 Wheels From Nitrous Garage

For those that don’t know who DJ Skee is, all you need to do is tune in to your local radio station and listen to the radio. Hear that new song by Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, or Lady Gaga? That’s right, DJ Skee was one of the first people to discover their music and introduce them to the World with his YouTube channel Skee.TV. DJ Skee has over 250,000 followers on his YouTube channel alone, with more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and has a new TV show in the works with AXS to bring the music back to music television.

Gloss Black Ace Mesh 7 Wheels on Mercedes Benz  S550

When looking for new wheels for his ride, he knew he had to get the very best, just like his selection in cars, shoes, and clothes, so he reached out to Ace Alloy Wheels for their popular Mesh 7 wheels. Knowing that DJ Skee wanted the Ace Mesh 7 wheels in gloss black, he also got in contact with Nitrous Garage since the gloss black Ace Mesh 7 wheels are a finish exclusive only to Nitrous Garage. If you are interested in a set of gloss black Ace Mesh 7 wheels for your ride, please feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (909) 784-1899 today.

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