Forged Wheels Coming Soon to Nitrous Garage

Lamborghini With Rennen Forged S6 Wheels


If you are looking for the ultimate aftermarket wheel upgrade, then you are definitely looking for a set of fully forged wheels. These wheels are made using a very time consuming process and state of the art technology to create a wheel that is both lighter and stronger than typical cast wheels and even rotary forged wheels. Not only are these wheels the highest in quality, but they also provide the best performance improvements as well.

Because forged wheels are very lightweight, you will see improvements in not only handling, but acceleration as well. Wheel weight falls under the category of “unsprung weight” or weight that is not supported by the suspension of the car. By decreasing the unsprung weight on your car, you are lowering the stress induced on the car’s suspension, which in turn, improves the way your car handles and reacts during cornering. Also, because the wheels are more lightweight, they are easier to spin, which aids in improving the acceleration of your car.

For those with style in mind, forged wheels also provide the most customizability since forged multi-piece wheels are easily disassembled so each section can be worked on individually. Most cast and rotary forged wheels are all one piece so it’s more difficult to achieve the look and finish you are going for. And since most forged wheels are made to order, it is also possible to change how aggressive or subtle you want your wheel to look.

Fully forged wheels are the ultimate wheel upgrade for any car, and we are happy to announce that the Nitrous Garage website will have an aftermarket forged wheels section very soon! Be sure to keep checking our site often for our new forged wheels section!

Forged Wheels Coming Soon to Nitrous Garage


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