Audios S5!


Definitely not something you see everyday, but the theme the owner is going for with “audios” looks great in our opinion. To start the look the owner began with an Audi S5 and added 20″ Savini BM10 wheels. After the shoes were added to accentuate them a little more the vehicle was lowered on KW Variant 3 coilovers. Other accessories such as a matte black grille and an aftermarket exhaust system were later added to further progress upon the modded look. In the end we can see this Audi S5 turned out great!Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-5 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-1 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-2 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-3 Audi-S5-Savini-BM10-Wheels-Silver-4

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