Customer Review From MBworld

We just got pictures and a review back from one of our customers on the MBworld forum, check them out below

Avant Garde M590 19″
Silver Finish
235/35/19 all around

Nitrous Garage – provided the wheels, tires, and TPMS. Eric over at Nitrous Garage was extremely helpful throughout the entire wheel/tire selection process. Pretty sure I started out with 20 different wheels I was interested in. Eric helped me get to the right decision and look I was going for here and I can’t thank him enough! Wheels, tires, TPMS (installed and VIN matched), mounted, balanced, and shipped to my door with all new lugs for all wheels — no one came remotely close to the total package price that Nitrous Garage provided here. Highly recommend you give these guys a look if you are in the market for new wheels or tires (or both!).

Read more here

Mercedes-C300-Avant-Garde-M590-Wheels-Silver-1 Mercedes-C300-Avant-Garde-M590-Wheels-Silver-2



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