BMW 650i & the Niche Essen

Here are some shots of the nice Niche Essen wheels in silver finish. Front 21×9 and rear 21×10.5. This vehicle is also lowered on Megan Racing springs for an overall improved look and stance.Niche-Essen-BMW-650i-F12-Wheels-Silver-1 Niche-Essen-BMW-650i-F12-Wheels-Silver-2 Niche-Essen-BMW-650i-F12-Wheels-Silver-3 Niche-Essen-BMW-650i-F12-Wheels-Silver-4


2 thoughts on “BMW 650i & the Niche Essen

  1. This is actually my car lol… I used megan racing lowering springs for the bmw f13 650 fit perfect on my 640 no issues and great ride. I had eibachs but did nothing for a drop and was a test car for mega racing. I recommend for ur clients overall drop was 1.5 all around

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