Chevrolet Camaro+24s

Below are some pictures of the Chevrolet Camaro we fitted with 3 different style wheels that are all in stock! These wheels will fit both the new body Camaro and the Rolls Royce Ghost. Very special pricing! Questions or if you would like quote on a wheel and tire package please give us a call! (909) 869-5681

24″ Giovanna Verona
Gloss Black w/ Chrome LipGiovanna-Verona-24-Chevy-Camaro-1

24″ Koko Kuture Lindos
Matte Black w/ Gloss Black LipKoko-Lindos-24-Chevy-Camaro-1

24″ Giovanna Verona
Gloss BlackVerona-Gloss-Black-Camaro-4


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