Fresh n’ Clean Carrera 4S

We just got finished with this gorgeous brand new Carrera 4S. This vehicle had less than 200 miles on it when it came by the shop to get some 20″ Rennen Forged RL-M6 Wheels installed. 20×8.5 Front, 20×12 rear! The customer wanted a polished finish so we got him just that, and finished them off with a clear coat to protect the finish as polished wheels will tarnish over time without a clearcoat.

Trust Nitrousgarage as your go-to place when you need the perfect wheels for your ride! (909) 869-5681.

Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-2 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-3 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-4 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-5 Rennen-Forged-RL-M6-Polished-Wheels-Porsche-Carrera-4S-991-6



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