Tesla Model S Featuring Niche Stuttgart Rims

We replaced the stock wheels with a set of one piece forged Niche T70 Stüttgart wheels finished with a brushed face and hi-luster polished windows.  These forged Mono-Tec wheels not only enhance the look of this already stunning machine, they save weight and ultimately increase performance.

The Tesla Model S P85+ is equiped with 21×8.5 inch front wheels (34 lbs.) and 21×9 inch rear wheels (36.4 lbs.) from the factory.  Once replaced with the T70 Stüttgarts, 21×9’s in the front and 21×10.5’s in the rear, weighing in at 22.4 lbs. and 23.4 lbs respectively, we saved this Tesla a total of 49.2 lbs. May seem like a lot of weight, but it actually makes a bigger difference than one would expect. Each pound removed from the wheel/tire combo is equivalent to taking 10lbs off the car. Therefore removing 49.2Lbs from the wheels and tires would be as if we took 492Lbs off the car. Therefore these wheels or any lightweight wheels for that matter make a huge difference in regards to handling, acceleration, and braking.

Find your lightweight wheels or wheels for your Telsa Model S today at Nitrousgarage.com





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